The Mrs. Women Show is the show premiered on Cartoon Network in US, CBeebies BBC in UK, France 5 in France, YTP in Canada, ABC 3 in Australia, Nickeledon in Germany, LithuanianTV in Lithuania, RussiaTVC in Russia, and Cartoon Network Southeast Asia in South Korea. 


The Mrs. Women Show

Mrs. WomenEdit

Mrs. Freeman - She is the same, but her arms can shink whenever she wants to.

Miss Menzies - She is the same, but her legs are getting slimmer.

Miss Smith - She is the same.

Mrs. Gee - She has glasses like Mrs. Evens' book counterpart.

Mrs. Evens - She no longer wears glasses, but has a necklace.

Miss Carmen - She is the same.

Mrs. Relf - She has a 3 circle necklace and  gaines glasses.

Mrs. Barkway - She wears black boots.

Mrs. Hill - She is the same, but her legs are getting tall.

Mrs. Jones - She is the same.

Mrs. Barnard - She trades glasses with a pair of shoes.

Mrs. Filtness - She has a unibrow and wears untidy brown shoes.

Miss White - She is the same.

Mrs. Dow - She is the same.

Mrs. Piercy - She has brown boots and walks like a elephant.

Mrs. Lutterlock - She has black or red shoes.

Mrs. Jarvis - A female counterpart of Mr. Jarvis. She has a rectangle necklace.

Mr. MenEdit

Mr. Calderwood - He now has a tie.

Mr. Parsons - A new Mr. Men. He has brown shoes - boots.

Mr. Lewis - He is the same.

Mr. Michael - He has long black shoes.

Mr. Jillings - He has a tie.

Mr. Hunter-Whitehouse - He has a belt and a tie.

Mr. Christiansen - He has new shoes.

Mr. Moore - A new Mr. Men. He has a blue tie.


1 : Physical/Boo-Boos

2: Farm/Movies

3: Science/Lake

4: Books/Beach

5: Boats/Mall

6: Flying/Hobbies

7: Dance/Inventions

8: Fair/Camping

9: Amusement Park/Trains

10: Paint/Fish

11: Adventure/Construction

12: Snow/Canned Goods

13: Jobs/Gardens

14: Collecting/Chores

15: Restaurants/Music

16: Full Moon/Night

17: Food/Bugs

18: Cooking/Rainy Day

19: Heatwave/Sleep

20: Yard Work/Parade

21: Games/Superstore

22: Hotel/Birthday

23: Car Wash/Wildlife

24: Vilnius Day/Cars

25: Sightseeing/The Dark

26: Circus/Ships

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